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Macromastia or large breasts are a significant cause of problems in many women today.  Many people including physicians do not realize the pain and suffering that can be due to the weight of very large pendulous breasts.  Although much of our society believes that large breasts are good, too much of a good thing is bad…

Macromastia may cause headaches, neck pains, and back problems leading often to many emergency room or doctor visits for various physical complaints.  Most of these women do not realize that something can be done to reduce the size of their breasts and that insurance will often cover all the costs of the surgery!
Patients requesting breast reduction vary from the young girl with virginal breast hypertrophy to elderly women with large painful sagging breasts.

Breast reduction is an operation that Plastic surgeons perform to reduce the size of the breast while keeping the normal contour of the breast.  Patient satisfaction for this operation is extremely high and complication rates are low.  Patients usually either go home the same day of surgery or stay overnight.  Nipple sensation usually remains normal, and most of the physical ailments caused by the weight of the breasts disappear.  It is not unusual to take 2-4 pounds of breast tissue off during surgery.  “Breast reduction patients are some of my happiest patients after surgery,” according to Dr. Kim.

Another problem occurs in women later in life- the breasts start to sag.  A breast lift will rejuvenate your figure by giving you the youthful shape that gravity has taken away. Mastopexy, or breast lift, is a procedure to lift the breast and reposition the nipple.  Some women will benefit from an simultaneous breast augmentation with implants due to loss of breast volume over the years.

Breast Reduction by Dr. Michael K. Kim


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